In 2006, Disney's Pixar Studio is scheduled to release "Cars", and animated movie about a car named "Lightning McQueen", a hot-shot stock-car who gets waylaid in Radiator Springs. (Trailers for the movie can be found here.)

Strangely enough, however, a strikingly familiar Plymouth Superbird makes an appearance in the movie. This car is "Strip Weathers", aka "The King", and is to be voiced by Richard Petty for the movie.


THE KING (aka STRIP WEATHERS) - This 1970 Plymouth Superbird is a racing legend who has won more Piston Cups races than any other car in history. Despite his fame, he's a down home guy, who knows it takes more than trophies to make a true champion. He believes in hard work, team playing, and making time for his wife, the Queen. Set to retire at the end of the season and relinquish his coveted Dinoco sponsorship, the King is the envy of all the up-and-coming racers. Racing legend Richard Petty, a seven-time NASCAR winner, lends his voice to this classy champ. His wife, Linda, provides a cameo voice as the Queen.

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