On March 19, 2006: I was the lucky recipient of the grand prize for the Sue Bee Honey promoted "Win the King's Car" contest.

It was a simple "one entry per person" drawing that I entered after seeing an announcement during a televised NASCAR race during May of the previous year. The advertisement mentioned that the winner would receive a street-legal replica of Richard Petty's 1970 race car. Being a big fan of Richard Petty and having always dreamed of owning a wing car, I thought "What a great contest!" and entered online immediately.

I had completely forgotten about the contest until almost a year later my wife and I were at home working on a project when the phone rang. Not recognizing the number on caller I.D., we let the answering machine pick it up. A representative of the promotions company that Sue Bee Honey hired, Championship Group, started to leave a message that imformed me that I had been selected as the winner for the "Win the King's Car" contest. Bells and alarms started going off in my head as I tried to recall what it was all about. As recognition set in, I just about broke my neck getting to the phone before they hung up! As she described the details of the prize, I was thinking that I had won a very nice diecast model of the Superbird until she mentioned that it was street legal. "What?" I responded, "You mean this is a real car?". I couldn't believe my good fortune!

After a month of anticipation we were flown out to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the NASCAR festivities at Atlanta Motor Speedway. We had finish line seating for the races and then on Sunday morning, in the infield track media center, Richard Petty himself presented to me the keys to my very own Plymouth Superbird replica of his race car.

Now the details:

This car started out as a 1970 Plymouth Satellite donor car that was in excellent condition. Fiberglass nose cone and tail were applied to give it the appearance of the rare Superbird. Then it was painted and decaled to represent Richard Petty's race car of 1970. It still has the original 383 c.i. big block motor with a high-performance camshaft and tuned exhaust. It has an automatic transmission with a steering column shift. The interior is stock with the exception of a tachometer and a single loop roll bar.

I now know what it feels like to drive in a parade. It gets attention wherever it goes and I couldn't be more proud of my Petty 'Bird!

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